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Just A Scenario #10 (Loan Deals)

Christensen in action

Christensen in action

Our friendly Dutch club, Vittese, has approached us to enquire about the players who are available to be taken on loan so they can strengthen their team, and also continue the harmonious relation with us.

However, this time they have certain demands, firstly, they want players who are 18-22 aged, and not the fringe U-18s, and secondly, they want the players on a two year loan deal instead of a usual one year deal.

The board is totally puzzled at this weird request, but are wanting to carry on the good relation with the Dutch club.

You are the assistant manager and are asked by the board to assist Jose Mourinho in selecting at least three youngsters among the age group of 18-22 who could be sent on a 2 year loan deal without the club having to worry at any stage for back up players.
Come up with the names with a proper reasoning.

The Idea of ‘Just A Scenario(JAS)’ is that you will be presented with a hypothetical situation or a role that you could picture yourself in, and we would love to hear what you would do so as to get through the situation in the best possible way.

Your opinions and ideas are valuable to us, and we’ll love to see this section grow as much as it can.



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  1. Christensen and Loftus-cheek will be ideal:Both are real budding talent that really need first team football for real progression.Come to think of this lads gaining experience in the Europa next season!.It gives us two good players that might worth up to at least £35m by the time they finish the 2-year program.Furthermore,they’ll have a good reason to settle in their new team on time since they know it is after two years it’s going to take them before they have a chance to stake a claim in their parent club first team.

  2. i would suggest ulises davila to be sent there on loan as such they are considering selling bony … this young lad can surely get some game time or maybe start 20-30% of the games considering the fringe players will be playing the EUROPA league all season long the same can be done with kenneth omeruo and maybe we can arrange a season long loan for thorgan hazard to get some experience in a different league coz he proved his worth in the belgian league.


    • Kalas will be Chelsea’s number 1 backup CB this year. He is awesome!

    • Hi Erica,I can totally hear you. I still rebemmer the days when I was dragging to go to school. My mum used to put my uniforms onto the heater and I used 9.9 seconds to put them on. For some reasons, my school bus was always late and it was such a drag for me to wait for the school bus too. Anyway, another way is to keep you warm is to drink ‘hot lemon coca cola with ginger’. Basically, you boil the coca cola with ginger and lemon or microwave the lemon with coca cola. It’s really good for your thoat and it keeps you warm too. Or, you can use the large purple onions and make onion soup. It will keep you warm too :)Take care & get well soon.Christina

    • At last! Someone with the insight to solve the problem!

  4. Well Given my past experiances in youth with cmnpiag and what not. I would stay in my appartment and gather all the food I could carry and camp out in the mountains where population is low when things get serious. That is assuming there aren’t resident evil dog or wolf zombies. I would make my dewlling somewhere on high ground but not noticible. Also I have had some Kendo training in college both at a dojo and club so instaid of using a gun and making noise I would use my wooden sword for protection if I have continued with that into this senario or I would try and make one. I also wouldn’t have to worry about ammo. As for food in the long term I would possibly by a book in preperation of what plants to eat, maybe try my hand at hunting and just make my self able to survive in the wilderness. John

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