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Just A Scenario #11 (Transfer Deal)

It is already the 15th of August and Chelsea FC and Man Utd are still indecisive over the future of Wayne Rooney because of Man Utd’s desire for 45m+ figures for the English striker.

At such a time, Russian club Zenit comes forward claiming their star striker/winger Hulk is unhappy at Russia and is wanting to move away from the club. Zenit’s own interest is also to find a replacement for the Brazilian forward and has offered Chelsea for a deal that might interest them. This is the message that Jose Mourinho received from the officials of Zenit:

“We are willing to part ways with Hulk if you are willing to offer us Fernando Torres + 1 academy star + 10m”

As tempting it might have sounded for Jose, Torres immediately sends a text message to Jose:

“Hello boss, I have heard rumors that you are considering to go with the deal Zenit has offered, however on a personal level, I would live to stay at Chelsea for at least one more season as I don’t want to leave under the tag of being a flop at the club. The rest is up to you though.”

You are assistant to Jose Mourinho, and are to help him make a decision whether to trust Torres’ request or to go on with the deal to bring one of the most promising star to the club. Provide your answer with a reason though.

The Idea of ‘Just A Scenario(JAS)’ is that you will be presented with a hypothetical situation or a role that you could picture yourself in, and we would love to hear what you would do so as to get through the situation in the best possible way.

Your opinions and ideas are valuable to us, and we’ll love to see this section grow as much as it can.


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  1. I will neva go for it hulk although deemed promising hs ofcource had a fall out wth zenit fr them tfo be eager to sell him as well. Then again his games fr zenit arent ds most impressive. Plus we are paying a lot as we had paid 50mn thoug broken in pmts over years. Plus we get him wth no garuntee dat he wll excell and are nt swapping nando are offering a prospect + 10 mn da last tym we did dis we regretted givin matic and nw we wanna giv 2 players and 10mn fr player who isnt proven in epl. I wll suggest against it.

  2. This is not a good business for Chelsea.Hulk is not better than Torres.The problem with Torres was that he arrived Chelsea with huge expectations as a result of huge price tag and appeared to be playing under tremendious pressure.This is axactly what fans do not want again from any player and were reluctant to support the signing Cavani at huge price.

  3. Why didnt he choose chelsea before going to Zenith?chelsea offer him then he snub chelsea now he is not happy is not chelsea business let him find a solution for his problem…we want Roney or lewadonski.Torres is going no were we want him to stay.

  4. I bliv torres wil definitly b back 2 his best even wit dat flop moment of his 4 d past 2 seasons,hulk can nt leave up 2 d standard and wit fernado score tally last season,i bliv he wud go further dat dat diz cumin season.So jose b wise coz u av one of d world best striker in ur costody.

  5. Can’t we buy a striker less than 40m? Must it be Hulk. Torres has justify his 50m for all the goals he has scored so far for cfc. I don’t see him as a flop.

  6. If i am de assistant manager i will reply them with insults

  7. hulk is as flop as torres so y torres + 10mil n our promising academy player that ll be insane if chelsea engage in such business

  8. It’s simply calld mismatch deal.Chelsea would b insane 2 sell Torres at ds point of his chelsea career.I think hes progressing evry season.Expect a new torres ds season esp’ly wif rooney in the rank.Carefree

  9. Noooo I would never do that. What a overrated player. Even Torres is better then him. So there’s no way I would trade Torres and a prospect for this guy. I mean he was totally useless in the confederation cup for brazil and he failed to preform in the russian priemer league. This guy is a flop.

  10. I wont do the deal even if they ask a swap between the two,
    if a little special concentration frm benitez makes torres score 20, then i would suggest mou, come on! u r special one, beleive him and opt for 30.

  11. There is no issues here.I will not sell torres +a youth player+£10m for Such misfiring player like hulk.why ar.e we discussing this?Zenith are russians,who want to sell us a sack of bad potatoes for a piece of Gold.Nooooo no!.He had his chance to play for CFC but decided to go to zenith because of money,let him sort himself with his club.That is pure extortion!!.I’d rather give Zenith a £15million max.
    Hulk is not worth that much.Zenith will not get the best of him and they are obviously fed up with the player.I advise offer this amount and hold out.if it falls through then good,Chelsea should focus attention to bring in(snatch) suarez(very intelligent and 100times better),Yilmaz or zlatan.The red devils will never sell Rooney to Chelsea for sure,if not,he is my first choice.So Yilmaz,Suarez,Zlatan or kibsling(leverkusen striker,I like him a lot).pick 1 or 2(if we can,Uurh!).we need a top not sell torres,he will come good this season and before his contract runs out,he will gain the confidence of his teammate again,I promise.sell ba though

  12. I would only sell if they give Hulk + 30million for Torres OR a Swap deal and they{Zenith} agree to increase stamford bridge to 75,000 capacity

  13. I personaly i see not special about hulk, and also i want us to reason with the way we use to change our young player with any player. Let think about luiz and matic and think how is going to take us to get matic back

  14. I honestly dont think jose should sell torres.. IMO he deserves one more season to finally prove if he is worth his 50 million tag

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