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What We Learned: Swansea 0-1 Chelsea FC; DEMBA BA with a crucial winner!!

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Swansea City v Arsenal - Liberty Stadium

The Blues beat the Swans at Liberty Stadium just moments after Liverpool beat title challengers Manchester City at Anfield. This two results tighten the title race even more as Jose Mourinho’s mean seat just two points behind Liverpool before we visit Anfield in two weeks time. Demba Ba yet again scored the crucial match winner for his side as he helped the Blues stay in the title race.

The away side were wasteful in front of goal even though Swansea were reduced to 10 men in the first half as Chico-flores was sent off for two yellows. Now, let’s look at the main things we learned from this crucial win.

Swansea vs CFC scoreline



The Senegalese striker has been out of favor at Stamford Bridge since the start of last summer when the Special one returned to Stamford Bridge. It seemed apparent that the Portuguese didn’t like his strikers performance in crucial matches except Samuel Eto’o who notched incredible winners and hat tricks time and time again. But, it was Demba Ba of all people who was the unlikely hero for Chelsea as we managed to advance over PSG on away goals and into the semi-finals of the champions league. And yet again, Demba Ba scored the unlikely winner for Chelsea after the Blues wasted many glorious opportunities to go upfront against the Swans. Demba Ba celebration

This performances might find Demba Ba a good club come this summer if he performs well since he has claimed he wants a club where he can play every game 90 mins and doesn’t want to play sporadically like he has this season. Or maybe who knows, Mourinho might change his man and keep Demba Ba in the squad for next season.


It’s three matches in a row that we have not conceded a goal starting from last weekend’s win against Stoke City and the mid week big win over PSG. Petr Cech and his back line have performed incredibly well in front of goal to deny oppositions from scoring. And this is a customary aspect of Mourinho’s teams in the latter stages of the season especially when you have strikers who misfire lots of chances up front.

Keeping the clean sheets going will work in our favor as we chase a hard battle in the title race against the free scoring contenders of Liverpool and Manchester City.


At the first half in the opening 10 minutes, Branslav Ivanovic did a brilliant one two with Schurrle before crossing it on to the path of Salah in the penalty box before the Egyptian put it slightly wide. That chance would have eased the nerves of our team’s back as we were in a difficult ground against a difficult team. And there were also another big chances in the second half by Eto’o that could have killed them game off early which didn’t go to the back of the net.

Luckily for us today, Swansea did not capitalize on their chances but, had they done so, we could have been punished for wastefulness in front of goal and we must eradicate those errors at the crucial end to the season as we battle in two fronts in two big tournaments.


The Egyptian has an electric pace and is a crucial player for the Blues, but he must not stop working on improving his Technics for next season. First thing is to adapt to the physicality of the premier league and the other is to learn how to take his opportunities in front of goal. The third crucial thing he needs to learn is to cross correctly on to the path of strikers and finishers across the box.

If he improves in this aspects of his game, Mohamed Salah can be a match winner for us as the Swans really struggled to deal with his electric pace and his trickery across the box.


In order to win the premier league, two things must happen, winning all our remaining four games including the crucial one against Liverpool at Anfield and also hope Manchester City drop some points of there remaining two league games to equal the number of games their other two challengers have played so far this season. The game at Anfield in two weeks time will be crucial and by that point, Jose Mourinho knows exactly how to inspire a victory in our probably defining match this season besides the win against Paris Saint-Germain in the champions league.

This were the main things we learned from the game and feel free to comment and let us know what you think on this points. Follow on twitter (@FahmiCFC) and KTBFFH!


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  1. That means Torres most go why Ba/Eto is difficult to tell

  2. Our strikers next season should be Ba, Lukaku and Etoo. We don’t have to waste over 40M on Costa when Ba can do the same job when he has the confidence and match fitness. Lukaku should be the 2nd choice striker and Etoo #3. We will buy time (one more season) to bring through our Bamford, Piazon and Feruz. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

  3. @saimz you are crazy!!! How are you comparing Costa with Ba??? There are a huge difference between them!!! We need a striker who can associate with our midfielders.
    But one thing is right and is that our midfielders doesn’t try to find Ba today, I saw Ba many times running to the space and Ramírez and Sala didn’t pass the ball to him.
    I think that the best striker for our kind of game is Luiz Suárez!!
    Well done blues, KTBFFH

  4. Ba has a big role to play in the remaining games and Salah is a very good player and a pain to the defenders

  5. What We Learned is that make the same mistake by putting Torres in the starting XI. Unbelieveable!

  6. We must work on our finishing especially Salah. He needs to work on his finishing and passes. Anyways with a competent and potent striker we will surely be there next season. Ba is better and proven he is better than that 50m flop player.

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