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What We learn: Atlético Madrid 0-0 Chelsea FC Schwarzer Settling in

It ended 0-0  as both teams struggled to make an impact In yesterday’s clash. Chelsea 2 main starters Petr Cech and our Captain John Terry were injured. While we’ve learnt that Cech is out for the rest of the season there’s a possibility that Terry will be fit for the finals if we do qualify. Jose side might have stopped Atletico Madrid from scoring but the hunt still goes as blues mmidfielders Frank Lampard & Mikel are suspended.


What we Learn: Schwarzer Settling in

Petr Cech dislocated his should while playing the Champions league match yesterday night. Cech collision with Raul Garcia in 18th min made Schwarzer come in. The Aussie hada bad day at Stamford bridge while playing against Sunderland but settled in quickly as we saw some good saves & punches by him. Peter Cech will not been seen on the goal post for the rest of the season so this is a good experience for Schwarzer to replace goalie no.1 at a crucial time and settle in easily.



Ramires over?

Ramires is loved by Chelsea fansfor his contribution to the club and is appreciated but has he lost his game play?. His passing abilities seem to havevanished and he is regularly getting booked in every match. The Ramires we used to know for his fast running counter attacking style is finding difficulties in controlling the ball and getting involved in unnecessary situations which can be bad for his Chelsea career.


Lacking in Creativity?














We might have parked the bus but we only managed  5 attempts on goal. Atletico were looking far more dangerous then we all expect. If we keep continuing play like this we might end up like 2009 Barcelona horror at Stamford Bridge. Didwe miss hazard for those key pass? We do have high prolific players but if we look on the other side Torres wasn’t getting any supply but he did manage to do it on his own. The players need to understand his movements and release passes to make him play on the front rather than passing or moving the ball too much in D.





Cahill is Solid

Cahill is now a vital player for Chelsea fc.His defensive capability is far stronger which is one of the key reasons why Atletico failed to score. The overall stats of Gary Cahill in Yesterday’s match: Tackles Made:2/3, Headed Duels: 3/4, Interception 2/2 & Passes 12/13 (92%) one of the key active Chelsea players in yesterday’s defensive match we played.


Let’s hope we don’t mess up like we did in 2009 and we scored more goals and display  creativity like we did against other Champions league teams.

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  1. I only saw two teams, one trying to play footie, the other trying to defend..hopefully, we’ll defeat them at home

  2. Who will be captain for the next leg as when terry and lampard does not start cech is captain but is also injured. So either between Cahill, Ivanovic, Luiz.
    Hope Cahill gets it.
    Starting XI;
    Dave (RB) Ivan & Cahill (CB) Cole (LB)
    Luiz (CDM) Ramires (CDM)
    Schurrle- Ocsar – Hazard (if back)
    Eto’o (if back)

  3. I learnt that costa is not worth £50m. How will he fair in pl when playing the likes of stoke, aston villa and west ham, mou u need to thnk twice about him

  4. We also learned that Mikel shields the back four better.

  5. They pass has got,they future we go,Chelsea fc we need you change your game of play soccer,as fans,coach,assistant,admin management & plz guyz your goals is your wining@chelsea fc lets work as a team or club,passing your ball to your broda….guyz strong is your fitness….gudluck God play with you@chelsea fc players….up blue forever!

  6. Went pretty much as expected. Now of course Atletico will sit back at Chelsea, and Mourinho will not dare be adventurous. He’ll probably be happy with penalty kicks, as he figures that psychologically, the Atletico players will be more anxious since they see this as their year and perhaps their only opportunity to ever win the tournament.

    Simeone however is no slouch in football psychology. He’s got to emphasize to his squad that they are the underdogs and that they should be ecstatic if they can get to penalty kicks.

    Ah, what honour and what entertainment, huh?! That’s why I prefer to watch Barca, win or lose.

  7. What i learnt is dat
    1) so many anti cfc fans are comenting here.
    2) cfc hav a style which has won us trophies,if u arent okay wit dat change club.
    3)ashley & mikel were not bad as many portray them.
    4)atletico are hard nuts,while cfc are rock solid.
    5)cfc didnt pack the bus,but held their line perfectly against a resilent team.
    6)ref was least 4 atletico players deserv yellow.
    Take it or leav it atletico wil bow at bridge.ktbffh.

    • Spot on man, totally agree with you. I think we have our chances at the bridge, some ppl forget that CL semis is not a league game and we are in our right to use the strategy we think is right. You may like it or not, but some criticism is disrespectful since the game rules are the same to all teams, that can play as they see fit since they respect them. A big praise to Atletico that is a great team, very organized and with a great spirit. Looking forward to the game at SB, I think it will be a very different match. Hope it will end up with a big blue celebration, KTBFFH!!!!

    • See People will comment and let them we now are club is better than their club 🙂

  8. Ramires is done sell dis dude,,,he has been a misfit dis season..sell him pls..and I wish d oscar modric swap is 4 real coz I wudnt hessitate swapping oscar 4 modric..come on blues

  9. A.cole wud b captain,we can’t risk david luiz @ centre back wen u know lampard n mikel wud b missing in d midfield,,I guess ivan wud play cb with cahill..

  10. I prefer Wend starting line up to be Defender Iva -Cahill-Luiz-Cole and CDM Rami-Azepi and AM Schurrle-William-Haz and FW Eto. As Azep is fast, vesatile, hv good ball passing ability and can help both attackers and defenders. It is very difficult for players to pass Azep as I look his playing and he can stop Atletico FWs effectively. It is better to play with Azep as CDM.

  11. @ fik.tank GOD u are not the coach.i go wit anonymous line up.iva at centre back.luiz/rami pivot.

  12. Why Ano & Zyte fear Azep CDM role? As I looked his playing style, I believe with him more than Luiz. he is z guy who hs changed our defenecive rock and solid. No one pass him. He is z reason for current good performance of defenders. He is a player capable of playing every position.

    • Azep CDM role is fantasic and it is what Bayern is oing with Lahm. But it will be dangerous to start this experimentation agains A. Madrid

  13. Schwarzer

  14. jose mouriho skodus for u.for going to atthetico home for draw. pls remember there plan is to come and break stamford bridge. Jose should get that in mind and work on the defender,for the attack hzard,oscar,shurrele, william,one of them will case penaly at eigteen yard of atthetico madrid.

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