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Reasons why Chelsea can go Unbeaten. Invincible Blues?


Briefly, Chelsea can go unbeaten this season in the EPL because they possess a “Well Defined” team with lot of talented gems.

I am confident Chelsea will end the season unbeaten. So confident I staked 50 GBP on the blues not losing a single match this season via Paddy Power football betting odds. In this Article I’ll be looking at few reasons why Chelsea can go unbeaten in the EPL.

• Strong Team: The first year of Mourinho’s return to Stamford Bridge wasn’t good enough due to poor build-up in the team. Luckily, he’s settled down comfortably after the tragic end of the previous season to revamp his team by bringing in Diego Costa, Thibaut Courtois, Filipe Luis and former Gunner’s man Cesc Fabregas turning his team to a world class selection.


• In Goal: Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, La Liga winner and Champions league finalist displaced one of the finest goalkeepers in premier league history due to his distinctive styles.

• Solid Defence: Although John Terry is sliding down hill but his partnership with his fellow English man Gary Cahill have been productive and solid. Having Ivanovic and Azpilicueta on the right and left flanks respectively is a good one. If Ivanovic is suspended or injured, Azpilicueta is a big choice to replace him and Felipe Luis moving into left-back position.

• Undisputed Holders: Spider Matic has been a very good man in defensive midfield, holding the midfield and preventing attacks from developing. Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas who is alongside Matic has been formidable and excellent at providing passes to the players upfront and most especially Diego Costa whose goal scoring form has been scintillating since the beginning of the campaign. In my opinion, I think Cesc is Chelsea’s backbone at the moment because of the way he controls the midfield and provides assist.


• Hazard, Willian and Oscar have been excellent at attacking, dribbling, passing and participating in beautiful teamwork. They are inspirational players and very fast at building up a counter-attack and goals. They are one of the most important parts of the team.

• Unstoppable? Goal! Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been a real threat and Nightmares to Defenders and there goalie. The Spanish striker is currently in his peak form. His hobby is bagging in goals from different angles in the 18yard box and I’m glad today as a blue fan to see Diego Costa doing a great job in the blue Jersey.


With the team possessing these attributes, I think Chelsea can fight to the end of the season without suffering a lost.

• Tactician: Blue boss José Mourinho is a top class coach who doesn’t like to taste defeat. He’s a brilliant, highly intelligent, brainy and genius when it comes to execution of tactics. Despite gaining five points from three big teams [Arsenal, Man city and Man united]. José is confident his team can go unbeaten in spite of the youngest of the season.

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  1. good article,but is a shame dat we hav 2 wait 4 20days b4 a new articl is postd.anyway is 2 early 2 talk of can be invissibl ie not tasting defeat & may stil mis out of d ultimate priz d title.afteral wit al d talk about d invissibl gunners,cfc hold d record 4 winnin d league wit most points though vissible if am not mistaken.ktbffh.we must not alow a repeat of d display against black cats.

  2. The team is special yes but it has been built up to this in an obvious sense for some. You just had to look at the young players Chelsea put together,even the one’s that left recently. This mould,this profile of a team,was always on the cards for us to see now.

    Mourinho didn’t do much that is to be considered genius,he just added the lost pieces of the puzzle but he did suprise us with excellent buys. Fabregas is the obvious type of player we needed and Mourinho recognized it. I just didn’t think it would be Cesc though-the Arsenal thing.

    Costa is great but I’m not resting on my laurels that Mourinho might protect him as his favourite. No,The Special One will always want to improve the striking department because Costa is by miles better than our other options and that can be good and bad. I’m not implying that Costa may hit complacency. In a realist mind,Chelsea aren’t quite as big as Real Madrid,Barcelona and Bayern Munich. That’s fine. Mourinho showed us how good he is at shuffling the squad,selling players and get in top players with almost the same money brought in. We may be smaller in stature as a club but we can be giants on the football pitch if the squad are managed correctly according to the evolutionary cycle.

    Honestly,I don’t see Salah playing a part. Vacancy for a player who can help rotate the squad and encourage consistent sharpness in his competitor for position. Drogba could leave vacancy for Costa’s true challenger on the training ground.

    I fully expect Mourinho to upgrade the right flank or it’s positional department on the bench. Obviously at centre foward too. Don’t want to believe me? Cool.


  3. Our great coach should not allow our Pete cech to go. CUs he is great goal keeper and he has not drop form and he is keep going strong day in and day out. Jose should rotate them like this petr cech should be in goal for either EPL & capital one matches while courteous should be in for UCL & FA or vice versa for both, none of them would disagree with that. José should rethink, though he is the man in charge. I love u man

  4. Yha Buf We Tested Defeat But As A Blue Fan De Barcley Premier Leauge Belongz 2 Us

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