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5th title in the bag, what next?

3rd May, 2015 – The day we will long remember as one of our most dominant title victories in history! With a staggering 13 point lead at the top of the table (could be cut to 7 points depending on whether Arsenal makes good of their 2 games in hand), the season has indeed been a phenomenal one for everyone associated with the club.

A first half Hazard header was enough to clinch our 5th league title

A first half Hazard header was enough to clinch our 5th league title

Were we entertaining? Definitely. Despite what the critics and the pseudo critics might say, except for the past few weeks, there were few teams who could withhold Chelsea’s attacking prowess. The recent weeks were a show of our technicality and substance; we had already proven the style long back in the season. And add to that a season where we absolutely dominated the lead, with a second best attacking force (only second to Man City) and the best defensive record in the league, and don’t even get me started on the manner we were at the top for most parts of the season!

But yes, I won’t deny the frustration when we sometime had to thank our lucky stars for scrapping off the 3 points, especially some of the smaller games. Against United, the tactic was evident. We weren’t really pushed back by the Red Devils, we actually allowed them to play where it didn’t hurt! Same went against Arsenal, but I won’t be ashamed to admit that there were times in the season where we were outclassed and outperformed by the smaller teams. Yes, I am talking about teams like QPR, Stoke and Hull, these games didn’t really make me comfortable. As much as I love being the champions of England, what I would love more is the prospect of becoming the most dominant champions! And that longs for ruthlessness, which our squad is very well capable of. Defensive play shouldn’t be our plan A, a balanced game should be that! Well, no one wants us to become Arsenal by forgetting our defensive responsibilities now, do we?

That calls for the question – what next for the champions! We have 3 games left before we close the chapter this term, and having already clinched the title, isn’t it the right time to experiment?

Unlucky but capable - Loic Remy to face Liverpool?

Unlucky but capable – Loic Remy to face Liverpool?

Our next game is against Liverpool, and I sure hope to see Loic Remy lead the line. The lad has been unfortunate to have gotten injured at a time where he could have won over the blue family with his attacking flair. Zouma needs to start in his natural position, partnering JT or Cahill. I would love to see Petr Cech back in goal for this big game with little at stake. How I would love to see a young Solanke featuring sometime in the second half, or an Izzy coming on for Willian/Oscar at 65 minutes. Not to forget Ake, the lad is just back from impressing at Reading, and will be eager to prove his worth to his club.

It might be a little too much to ask for, but the last couple of games should also give young Tammy Abraham a shot at showing what he is capable of, he sure has the physique, pace and skills to impress us!

Tammy Abraham has been sensational with our youth squad this term

Tammy Abraham has been sensational with our youth squad this term

Looking at our next term, it is not hard to see that we can still improve at a few positions. Firstly, we need a natural right midfielder, or need to make sure Cuadrado is well worth the hype. Secondly, we need to decide whether a youngster, preferably Solanke or Bamford can be promoted as the third choice striker, behind Costa and Remy.

And please depend on Willian! The fella has been the most underrated performer of the season. But we really struggle without his work ethic all over the pitch! Oscar, I have personally lost faith in him. He is having an off-on season, and he really needs to get more focused to seal a place in the team like Hazard. Fab and Nema should continue their partnership at the heart of our midfield, orchestrating the team’s play.

I wouldn’t ask for too many signings with reports going around claiming Chelsea might go for Bale, though having Bale wouldn’t really hurt now, would it? 😉

What do you think about Chelsea’s title truimph this season? Who has been your standout player…well after Hazard! And what is the line up you want to see against Liverpool? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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  1. First of all,congratulations everyone. We deserved it.

    I’m not sure if the readers remember me,especially those I had arguments with a couple of years ago on this site.

    Well,if you want to keep on being successfull,you need to keep on improving. By this I mean we must see atleast one signing coming in,maybe two. Do we have a proper 8? No. In the past I nagged about us not having a regista,a playermaker who sits deep,sprays balls and connect play. We have one now in Fabregas. Back then I was content with Mikel as our destroyer in the Makelele role but we all know Matic is the best there is in world football today so I don’t need to say much about him.

    I strongly feel we need to go back to 4-3-3. Okay I’ll probably sound like those on the bandwagon calling for the signing of Pogba. Is my vision wrong or can any of you see the perfect midfield trio if we add him to the likes of Matic and Fabregas already operating there? With this guy we’ll get everything you want in an 8. Strength,driving runs,skill,goals and he can pass any range you want. A true replacement for Frank whose clinical goals we’ve been missing from midfield. I’m confident our play will have better balance with Pogba in the team.

    Now this may be odd but I dream of having Robben back at the club. Surely some must see reason for such a dream. He is old,yes,but he still has pace and is one of the best on the right wing. Last season Mourinho said he likes the idea of having a left footed winger on the right side. Since he loves to bring old players back,why can’t we get Robben back? An attack with Costa,hazard and Robben sounds very dangerous and fast,behind them pulling the strings a formidable midfield trio. Surely our next objective is to win the Champions League and the only way to do it is by signing clinical players for positions where we look weak this season.

    Maybe I’m just a fool?

  2. The above comment is mine,I forgot to add my details haha

  3. is a dream come true 4 all cfc fan.@ thatuchbrat are u here 2 revive dis site or wil dis ur article be a one month wonder articl as usual.
    our 1st objectiv com next season wl be 2 retain d title,den mak a real statement in ucl.2 do dat we need 3 or 2 super signing.
    i also feel we should get ‘pedro’ if he is availabl,greizman,pogba,koke,loan di maria if avaible.3 or 2 out of dez wl do.i dnt tink we need a defender.

    • Surely going to try to post regularly, once a week atleast! 😀

      • @ThatUchihaBrat Please we miss the old Chelseafc360!!!
        Congratulation for our team!!!
        definitely Mou is one of the best coaches in the world, where are the people who always criticized our coach
        I hope we can sign one top players,



  6. i trust & support jose to do the ferguson @ cfc.

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