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10 reasons why we should sign Gareth Bale this summer

Having already sealed the title, I’m pretty sure most of you must be wondering what could be next for the new English Champions. How do you further improve a team that absolutely dominated the season in terms of points & tactics? Well most of us would be content making a couple of minor additions into the squad to make it more solid, and offloading a couple of underperformers (you know who they are!)

After the 3-0 humbling by West Brom, we might as well also look at strengthening the team.

And there is a prized possession elsewhere who might very well be all but set for an unhappy departure. It might be the last few games for Gareth Bale.

Picture1Rising to wonders in the EPL with Spurs just a couple of seasons ago, where he single handedly ripped apart Inter Milan’s defense, especially Maicon, this particular Welshman was touted for greatness.
(Special mention to our Chelsea legend – Paulo Ferreira, who was one of the very few who actually managed to keep Bale quiet while he was at the top of his game.)

Pace, trickery, power…he had it all. All he needed was a team where he could unleash himself, and he made a choice. A rather poor one in the end.

While the price tag might seem like a massive turn down for all of us, I would like to make a case of why we should try and get this speedster on our side!

  1. The Bale – Hazard combo: We all have seen how well Hazard manages to play with big personalities in the team. He is one of the very few gifted players who would actually look at providing an assist rather than going for glory. And this is exactly what a player like Bale needs. At Real Madrid, it has been obvious that every single player focusses only on Cristiano, while leaving this Welsh express stranded most of the times. And Bale himself has a record of being unselfish while he was at Spurs. With Bale on the left, Hazard in the centre and Willian on the right, this could be an attacking line that would make the best defenses fall apart within seconds!
  2. Point to prove: Bale left Tottenham and joined Real Madrid dreaming of becoming the best player in the world. And quite frankly, the lad has it in him. However, things didn’t really work well for him, but he must still be carrying the dream of proving to the world that he is indeed one of the bests in the world, whenever he want to be! Giving him a Launchpad for doing thay could be the best decision both parties could make.
  3. Only 25: He ripped apart the best teams at the tender age of 23, now he is just a couple of years older…and quite frankly, his best is yet to come!
  4. Game-changer: While we have a team which is excellent in almost all departments, against West Brom we realized one thing that, once Cesc goes, all the weight of the world falls on Hazard’s shoulders. And in such a case, often opponents go extra tight on the danger man and the entire attacking threat gets neutralized. Not taking anything from the likes of Willian or Oscar or even Matic, but we need another Hazard-calibre player on the pitch to dominate the European stage.
  5. Mourinho magic: If there is a manager who can get Bale’s career back on track, it has to be Jose Mourinho. The only trouble that will emerge would be that the Portuguese will then have to focus at getting two of our players to the Ballon D’Or level!
  6. Offers a new approach: With Hazard, Willian and Oscar leading the line from midfield, it is pretty obvious that we seem to be lacking a plan B. We need someone who is direct, and that is exactly where Jose hoped Juan Cuadrado might help in, but that is still in vain. Gareth Bale can help us reach a new horizon.
  7. Free-kick specialist + Hard Hitter: With our nimble players, we have already seen that there is something missing in our set pieces. We lack the venom from the times when we had Frank and Didier in our team. Even when they weren’t there, there used to be someone else. Be it Ballack, Alex, David Luiz…and so on. Now all we have are placement experts. The best hard hitter we have right now is Filipe Luis, who might not really feature too often next season either. Blame Azpilicueta for that! And this lad can sure take some really good freekicks!
    How we also miss seeing long ranger screamers fly in the back of the net. This can bring that back too!
  8. The Right Attitude: What I always loved about Gareth Bale was that he refused to let his ego do the talking. At Spurs too, he was very humble and quiet. He left at good terms with his team. At Real, he keeps trying even when he knows that he is fighting a battle that he just cannot win. There is no winning over the Real fans once you go down in their bad records. But the attitude he displays is pure, and quite frankly, that is hard to come by these days!
  9. Manchester United wants him: Real want David De Gea, and United seem to have come to terms with it. They might very well be looking at getting Gareth at a cut-price from Real in exchange for the DDG transfer. Knowing what Bale is capable of, I would certainly want to strengthen this United side to that degree!
  10. Gary Neville said so! Well, Gary Neville was one of the many United players I used to hate from the core of the heart while he was still playing. But that changed as soon as he started punditry. Gary Neville makes some of the most sensible arguments right now, and he believes that signing Gareth Bale will only leave the rest of our title rivals in the dust for years to come. And quite frankly, I believe him!

It is an unlikely deal to be completed, considering that he is very, very expensive. However, if indeed he becomes a part of our roster for the next season, I’m personally sure that he will be very well worth every penny spent!

What do you think about this possibility? Would you like having the Welsh-Express wearing the blue of Chelsea next season? Do you think he can form a formidable partnership with Hazard? Leave your thoughts and views in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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  1. Bale is a good player, indeed if i were a manager would sign him that very moment i get the funds to do it. Buh i’m seeing Mourihno opting to develop his own team rather than bring in Bale and ths would mean selling two or three of our own. May be he can be signed depending on the pressure to win the Champions League(for i consider him a gun for that). But if i were to decide, would do some simple purchase, like for one defender(C.B), in defensive midfield, i think Mikel’s time is over, bring Cheek in his place, then sign an average d.m and then in attacking trio, am tied between bringing Salah home and signing anada one and finally sign a back up striker for Costa and Remy. Then am good to go though tough to compete in high profile of the likes of Bayern, Barca, Real.

  2. It will be a good idea to sign bale.there will a fantastic compination between hazard n hm

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  4. @thatuchi tanks 4 keepn ur promis.
    1st do we really need bale?
    2ndly @ what price & wage demand?
    Bale is a fantastic player,but i tink we need a player dat can drible in tight spaces like hazard whch i dnt tink bale can in epl i say no,but 4 ucl we need his speed & power 4 effective counter attack.
    2ndly d wage demand can cause unecesary dressing room unrest,but if jose can handl dat,no problem.
    Personaly i tink griezman is what we need & get pedro if he is availabl.KTBFFH

  5. How I wish Bale to be playing his football career in Chelsea is 100%.
    He’s a good player and will surely form a formidable attacking role with Hazard.
    I want to see him at Stamford Bridge next season.

  6. Is good l dea to sign bale bcoz he is fastest player in the world and l think it is well combine btwn hazard and him

  7. Zyte I agree with u…..I prefer griezmann to bale…sincerely wen I saw bale playing against juventus it made me feel lyk he is finished so I rilli think griezmann nd hazard would be a better combination

  8. Agreed! Let’s bring him to The Bridge where he’ll be appreciated!

  9. I will love bale to join chelsea.

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