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Chelsea FC 360 was created at the beginning of March 2011. The blog is about all we see in the world of Chelsea and quite simply report about it based on our “Blue-Tinted” glass wearing opinions.

On Chelsea FC 360, we show you the perspective of Chelsea as never seen before. This blog is ranked on Chelsea’s Official Website, The Shed. It is the best place for people who are mad about Chelsea. Here you can read the potentially best football articles. We update you with all the news and updates related to CFC and we are lightning fast in doing so.

The main aim of this website is to provide all the Chelsea news, transfer rumors, high quality Chelsea articles, and all the stuff you need to know about Chelsea Football Club to football and Chelsea fans wordwide! Special care has been taken to make sure that everything from the design, speed and the content of the site is absolutely top-notch!

Chelsea FC 360 is one of the fastest growing Chelsea blog’s out there and it already has over 1 million readers/hits! It’s featured in top 5 on The Shed (CFC’S Official website).

A dedicated team of people work behind Chelsea FC 360 and we call ourselves Team 360. You might not like some writer’s views or opinions while you might love some lads so please at times just cope with this. We are a team and we all work in the best possible interest of all the amazing Chelsea fans.

We would definitely love to hear from you and would love to help you as well with your website or any stuff of that sorts. We work on only one aim and that is to satisfy as many Chelsea fans as possible and we don’t have any interests in garbing any sorts of revenue from the internet.

We sincerely hope that you find Chelsea FC 360 useful and if not, we are always open to improvement. If you have any queries  questions or even if you want help with your own Chelsea website or content do contact us as soon as possible and we would be more than pleased to help you.


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  1. How can this be a true chelsea fc fan site when you have supported FSW I note to see you are now back tracking on the issue, having been following chelsea for over 40 years we have paid a heavy price as fans for the global brand of cfc yes we have won trophies, however were is the pride and the passion gone with the team, we make more noise away than at the bridge as plastic is the order of the day, FSW has made chelsea a joke this hurts, i have made the decision not to travel to any games until he is sacked and join the armchair terrace mines a pint regards.

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