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Chelsea Tactical Preview: How will Mourinho’s Men set up in the 2014/15 season?

August 14, 2014

Formation | How will they set-up? Chelsea have tried a host of formations after having one of the most efficient pre-seasons in Europe in which only the Werder Bremen game was ruined by a refereeing fiasco. The aim was to increase fitness , use the youth and experiment. Chelsea are expected to field a 4-2-3-1,… Read More ›

The possible 4-3-3 question needs answering

The 4-3-3 has a special place in the annals of Chelsea Football Club’s history. A formation that Jose Mourinho brought with him to England to revolutionize the way a country saw league football . England’s love for 4-4-2 wasn’t a well guarded secret , and no one in Britain was willing to question it. It… Read More ›

Scouting report : Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona at home by 1 goal to nil (2-1 on aggregate) to confirm a semi-final match-up against Chelsea in the Champions League. Everyone knows what Atletico are all about. They work very hard and incredibly well organized. Moreover their team is very well balanced, from the man between the sticks to the… Read More ›

Scouting report : PSG 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen

PSG comfortably beat Bayer Leverkusen over two legs to confirm their spot in the next round of the prestigious European competition. As soon as they were drawn to play against Chelsea, both the teams have flirted against each other as the clock ticks down to kick off. Chelsea fans were intrigued at how the Parisian… Read More ›

Scouting report : Arsenal

On Saturday, two teams who have ambitious dreams of lifting the title come May, face each other at Stamford Bridge. When Chelsea visited The Emirates, they came away with a modest draw. The West London outfit’s aim has often been to clinch at least a draw away from home and grab all the three points… Read More ›

How Hazard’s run dismantled Kompany’s organization

Ivanovic puts Chelsea 1 nil up at the Etihad with a goal that took merely 0.7 seconds to hit the back of the net. Kompany walked away in disgust as his team-mates picked the ball up from the net. He did everything he could to make sure no holes opened up. But what went wrong?… Read More ›

Scouting report : Manchester City

Manchester City welcome Jose’s Chelsea to the Etihad, in what seems to be a game that could tilt the title towards the club that grabs all the three points. The noisy residents of Manchester banged 5 past Hugo Lloris and Tottenham, while Chelsea struggled to convert their chances into goals against medieval football. For all… Read More ›

360 In-DEPTH Analysis: The Pivot

The pivot is the most confused part of a 4-2-3-1 formation. 4-2-3-1 formation itself is a very specialized formation. The formation can’t adapt to players rather the players need to adapt to it. In contrast, a formation like 4-4-2 is more general and every kind of player can find a place in it. As I… Read More ›

A lighter look on Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

2-1 and the job was done. 2 points away from the top spot, but not really an assuring performance. Failure to kill the game off has turned out to be a really heavy problem for Chelsea. Like almost every perceived weak team that has shown up at the Bridge, palace to employed deep defensive blocks… Read More ›

Chelsea vs Schalke – Facing a backlash

First off, sincere apologies for not being able to analyze or scout the past few games. Been overwhelmed by exams, which have thankfully gone quite well. To get right to the point, Chelsea beat Schalke with a resounding scoreline of 3-0 once again, with Schalke having to go back to Germany full of frustration. The… Read More ›

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