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CHL: Fabregas won’t join United, Suarez SHOULDN’T join Arsenal, Rooney must force a move and Cisse has some explaining to do

July 29, 2013

After a bit of a hiatus, The Controversial High Line (a.k.a CHL) is back, and has no plans of going anywhere. Silly Season is upon us, and while most football fans are used to seeing wacky transfer rumours, certain rumours seem to drag on for a long time. Upon it’s (much-anticipated?) return, CHL takes a… Read More ›

The Old Guard, Should we let them go?

If we go back in time, the prospect of Frank Lampard and John Terry not starting was quite unthinkable (apart from injury demands of course). But taking a look at our tremendous 2012/2013 season, we can see that John Terry has made 18(3) appearances this season, while Lampard has made 28(8). Frank Lampard, John Terry,… Read More ›

Sir Alex Ferguson’s hypocrisies.. Will they ever end?

We’ve known for a long time now that Sir Alex Ferguson likes to have his way with mind games – those mind games are a huge part of the legacy he’s built as one of football’s greatest managers, that and his undeniable brilliance as a tactician, of course. But it’s been largely noticeable for quite some… Read More ›

To Dive Or Not To Dive, That Is The Question

Simulation, one of the uglier aspects of the beautiful game, is a practice that has been a part of the sport for a long time now. However, with football becoming more competitive than ever, many professionals seem to play under the impression that the ends justify the means. A number of teams are falling victim… Read More ›

Dear Platini, PLEASE Don’t Mess With The Champions League Format

The Controversial High Line is back after a bit of a sabbatical and this time, the target is none other than UEFA president Michel Platini! Recently, the most powerful man in European football confirmed that certain changes were being considered for all European club competitions. So…. are the changes under consideration viable ones or yet… Read More ›

It’s No Longer A Conspiracy Theory….

“Referee United”, “Fergie Association”, “He’s big, he’s red, he sleeps in Fergie’s bed… HOWARD WEBB!”…. These are just some of the jokes you will find circulating on the internet via tweets, memes, Facebook statuses and even on joke sites. Jokes aside, many people seem to believe that referees blatantly award decisions that help Manchester United… Read More ›

The Harsh Reality Of High Transfer Fees In Football

Last week, I looked at why football fans should not believe the hype that surrounds Brazilian starlet Neymar. This week,  I shall examine the phenomenon of high transfer fees that almost everyone seems to have an opinion on. Enjoy!  Ever since Roman Abramovich spent his first million on Chelsea Football Club, it’s become a common… Read More ›

Neymar: Don’t Believe The Hype

Note: This article is NOT about the prospect of Neymar joining Chelsea. This article is the beginning of a weekly series that will attempt to analyze matters in the footballing world outside the realms of Stamford Bridge. Hope you enjoy reading my views!  Neymar: Don’t Believe The Hype Whenever I ask someone who they think is… Read More ›

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