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iLTiFvJWe sincerely hope that you find Chelsea FC 360 useful and if not, we are always open to improvement. If you have any queries questions or even if you want help with your own Chelsea website or content do contact us as soon as possible and Team 360 would be more than pleased to help you. You might not like some writer’s views or opinions while you might love some lads so please at times just cope with this because we try to cover as many perspectives and angles of a story as possible and at times some perspectives aren’t really pleasing. We are a team and we all work in the best possible interest of all the amazing Chelsea fans out there. Chelsea FC 360 is all about the collective effort of our Team360 which brings to you the best, latest and most trusted Chelsea content. We have a highly qualified team of blues who help out in different ways on different platforms. Our blue tinted views and perspectives make us who we are and all of us would be more than happy to interact with you.

Kingsley Abiodun Aje

Kingsley is a sports blogger with 7 years experience ( Journey started in 2008, may be more than 7 years when you read this ). I am a passionate football fans. My first football blog is I acquired in September 2014 with the hope of transforming the dying fortunes of the blog. Aside Chelseafc360, we also have in our stable blogs such as – for Arsenal fans, – for Manchester United fans, – for Chelsea fans, and – for all football fans, – for arsenal fans, – for three lions fans among other sites.

Kingsley can be reached by email via or on twitter via @soccerfanbase

Shaurya Kumar, CEO 360

Keeping the blue flag flying high is what I love to do and it is something that I have been doing for the past 7 years. ChelseaFC360 is just another way to serve the mighty blue fans and spread the blue spirit all around the world. Not going to be mainstream and express my “aspirations to become a sports journalist”. Passion for The Beautiful Game and a yearning to express my views is where the desire comes from; if it leads to a journalism job, then so be it. You can contact me from my details below for all kind of queries, details, requests, advertisements, sharing, cross-promotional deal, sharing or featuring stuff, (etc).

Follow on Twitter: @ShauryaCFC

Fahmi Ahmed, Manager/Admin

Fahmi is an avid supporter of Chelsea FC since 1998 and is also the GM of CFC360. He is extremely opinionated and active member of the Chelsea Twitter verse, where he tweets about most things Chelsea, some banter and his views on life and day to day issues. He is working very hard to get 360 moving forward and becoming one of the best websites for Chelsea fans. His passions for the club is there for all to see and he will do everything in his power to make The Blues’ fans as happy as possible. You can find him on Twitter at the username below.

Follow on Twitter: @FahmiCFC

Hammad Nabi Khan, Assistant/Editor

Hammad is a passionate Chelsea supporter from Pakistan following the game devotedly since 2003. He is active in the supporters’ club activities in his home country being the co-owner and moderator of the Chelsea fans club in Pakistan. He loves to discuss Chelsea and football in general on twitter and facebook. Working as an Assistant Manager at Chelsea 360, Hammad is living his passion more than ever, learning from his peers, and sharing his views by talking and writing about the beautiful game and the club we truly adore.

Follow on Twitter: @HnK_89

Sahil Bohra, Head Graphic Designer

Sahil here is our head Graphic designer. He’s the man behind our banners, logos, specially designed images for some articles, etc.

Tushar L.Kuzhi, Video Editor (Youtube)

Tushar is a very valuable member of Team 360. He writes the Just a Scenario series and he runs our Youtube channel as well.

Team 360 Members:

Sreya Mazumder (Writer of Match Previews/Press Conferences – @msreya ), Seth Adusei (writer of Azonto Epistles: @sethaadusei), Sherry Philips (writer: @Shercasm), Fahmi Ahmed (writer/manager – @FahmiCFC), Anns Lakhany (Social Media Promoter/writer), Chelsea FC Naija (writer – @ChelseaFCNaija), Tariq Asef Alam (writer – @TheRealBluearmy), Hammad Nabi Khan (writer/Editor – @Hnk_89), Thanseem Mohamed (writer – @Thanseem27), Adam Robert Ovens (writer – @CarefreeAdam), Annas Ahmed (writer – @Anchoo_Bhai), David Odes (writer – @David_Odes), Tanveer Dosani (writer – @madridista_blue), Nizar Tabka (writer/video editor – 

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