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Most of football fans are too good that they can predict team performances to extraordinarily precise levels. Are you one of them? Some get the feeling that a certain player will give his best that night and after the game you just feel like shouting “I told you so”. Has it ever crossed your mind that you can actually win up to hundreds of dollars by just predicting which player shall do best during any particular time? Take it from me, Yes! You can make hundreds of dollars by just using you knack of prediction  by choosing a roster of players that you feel shall do best in a certain football match and stand a chance to win from your as little as $1 initial entry fee or up to $100 entry fee and be a winder of hundreds more of dollars.

Fan Picks has got all your worries covered mates. Make it your choice for One Day Fantasy League Play and be a winner of up to hundreds of dollars in the website. Daily Fantasy Leagues are emerging by the day with real cash on the line for participants who end up winning. This requires as little as $1 entry fee or even up to as much as $100 for players in every major sport.  First time and re-depositing customers can take part in several promotions that deliver instant cash payouts when you participate and win.

This should give Chelsea fans, the last season’s English Premier League title holders, something to smile about. Anyone can make entries for the Daily Fantasy Leagues and stand a chance to be winners of instant cash payouts too. Giving the existing history of performances from the Chelsea players, any player from the team is worth to be in your player  roster.

Chelsea fans will be pleased with their shrewd manager Jose Mourinho for the best of performances last season and hope that the same shall be maintained come this season (2015-2016 Premier League Season) and attainment of such glorious performances and results shall be attained. This can only be emphasised by the signing of Colombian Strike force Radamel Falcao on a loan deal from Monaco. This should come as good tidings for the One Day Fantasy League Players who would want to place their stakes on the last season’s Premier League champions.

With an intention to bolster his attack system and enhance efficiency within his midfield areas, the Chelsea’s boss search for top players is basically over, with the Chelsea boss having landed a €22 million deal for Internacional and Chile star Charles Aranguiz. The Blues are currently negotiating personal terms, while John Obi Mikel is expected to leave. Chelsea fans shall definitely be pleased with the increased variety of players to choose from eliminating the fear of injuries and suspensions that would otherwise be set-backs to the defending champions.  Despite Falcao signing a competition for the already established Spaniard Diego Costa and Belgian Eden Hazard, the Chelsea boss says it works well for the team as it keeps all player on their toes. The same applies for the likes of Oscar, Ramirez and Cesc Fabregas in the mid-field area who shall compete with the likes of Charles Aranguiz for the first team spot.

Gear up and be at the edge of the One Day Fantasy League. This is how you can do it: In each game, participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 that they can use to draft their entire 8-player roster. Rosters must include players from at least 3 different EPL or UCL teams. Note: EPL and UCL are separate competitions and drafts include different teams, players, and salaries. All said and done, Chelsea gives you the best of ranges to select from.

Striking forces in Chelsea would barely go three matches without scoring. This makes the forward team an asset to whichever One Day Fantasy League player who gives a care for his money.  The same goes for the defensive team led by the experienced English man John Terry who played every single minute of last season’s league. With the whole team giving a performance, then you are more likely than not to make a performance with your picked roster as well.
You are probably wondering how you can sign-up into fantasy football and be part of all the excitement.  It is something you can do with just a simple Pay Pal account. Funds can be deposited into your fantasy account at Fan Picks via Pay Pal with immediate payouts for all winners once all games go final for that day.

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