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The Blue season so far

October 18, 2014

Finally the international break is over. We can thankfully look forward to the weekends. Of course when I say we, I mean Chelsea fans. Here’s why: 1) Jose Mourinho – Here’s a man who drives opposition managers and rival fans crazy especially our London neighbours. Just recently manager felt the only way to beat Mourinho… Read More ›

Picking out the positives

As the season draws to an end. There’s a tinge of disappointment etched in the minds of fans. A season that began with so much promise is ending in an anticlimax. For me that’s a wrong notion because this season we showed more bite and put in more fight than we have in a long… Read More ›

We deserve respect

It is becoming monotonous, repetitive and tiring. Yes it is. Park the bus, defending all the time, not attacking, anti football etc. What does the world want from us? When we play counter attack football it’s called “parking the bus”. When we attack everyone says “the other team was poor”. When we lose to a… Read More ›

The future of “My Life, My Chelsea story “

A lot of you know me at 360 as the guy who analyses Chelsea’s games, but I was also the author of a serialized fictional story.  I have published 4 parts of it so far, for which I have received very positive feedback. The problem I’ve faced is consistency in the publishing. Even though I… Read More ›

My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 4

You can read Part 3 here . I produced the wildest smile possible, which I’m afraid, turned out worse than Christopher Nolan’s Joker. 4 camera flashes combined with my signature in 3 contract related papers and I’m officially playing for Chelsea Football Club. I then proceeded to stand up and shake Mr. Gourlay’s hands, which initiated more camera… Read More ›

My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 3

You can read Part 2 here . As I got out of the cab, I felt the cool winds hit my face along with the rays of bright sunshine. As I walked up the path that led to the main office of Chelsea’s training complex, I couldn’t express how I felt. These few steps could turn my… Read More ›

My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 2

I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. I wrestled with my pillow and rolled in bed. I struggled to even close my eyes for a few minutes and then the rays of sunshine entered my room. I woke up, put on my sneakers and close the door behind me. As I entered the lobby, there… Read More ›

My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 1

Introduction – My Life, My Chelsea story is a fictional series on a professional football player who supports Chelsea and is signed by them at the age of 19.Graduated from La Masia, the world-famous football academy that is responsible for producing players like Messi, Xavi, Puyol, etc. We follow Daniel Chester, a 19 year old… Read More ›

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